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08th March 2017

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What is it
all about?

Academic research generates an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise, but hardly anyone notices since researchers work behind closed doors. We want science to appear on the scene and to be recognized. At Science Slams, young researchers and scholars become celebrated Slammers when scientific content is brought to exciting talks on stage. Everybody has a shot at winning the audience over with their ten-minute presentation, when slammers give short talks about their field of study, ranging from humanities to chemistry, from social sciences to engineering. They explain complex issues and up-to-date research. The presentational style is meant to be amusing, creative and straightforward since speakers should try to get something across about their research and yet keep their audience laughing and entertained.


How does Science Slam relate to you?

We collaborate closely with local partners, thus making them part of a national and international network. Universities and colleges use Science Slam as a platform for presenting their educational program and their research. Researchers take this opportunity to promote their work and broaden their networks beyond campus. Business partners benefit from Science Slams in their recruiting strategy and in order to get connected with researchers. Sponsors gain publicity among a diverse, interesting and important audience throughout the country. Research initiatives build their networks. Media partners are provided with exclusive content. Everybody benefits from the new knowledge community that is Science Slam!


What is
our credo?

We are dedicated to making scientific research accessible and useful to a wide audience and delight them with a variety of interesting topics: prodesse et delectare – it is our understanding of modern academic communication to share science through this long known principle.
Established in Germany in 2006, Science Slam has come a long way. Nowadays, we organize more than 60 events in 22 cities across Europe each year. Hence we are the major host in Germany and one of the few full service providers for Science Slams. And the community is constantly growing.

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We would like you to become part of that community and spread the word about Science Slam! No matter if you want us to organize your event, start organizing Science Slams on your own or would like to participate in Slams in various places and settings - we will provide you with know-how and support.

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Aniruddha Dutta


Gestures at Work
Simon Harrison


Do two negatives make a positive?
Vinay Rambal


What we can do with our hands
Robert Williams

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